What is a clean email list?

A clean email list is one that is comprised of people who opted in to receive your emails, receive the emails you deliver and are engaged with your emails.

Keeping a clean email list has two primary benefits.

  1. With a clean list, users both receive, open and click emails, which helps to improve future deliverability, open and click rates. It feeds on itself. Learn more about how a stale or unengaged list contributes to higher email spam complaints.
  2. You save money. Most email platforms charge per subscriber or per email sent. You don’t want to pay for subscribers you know aren’t receiving, opening or clicking your emails, do you? NO.

What is an unengaged user? And what do you do with them?

Generally, an unengaged user is one who hasn’t taken an action in X number of days. That X will vary based on how often you send emails, though.

If you send emails every day and a person hasn’t opened or clicked any emails in the past two weeks, they’re unengaged for sure!

If you send emails once a month, and they didn’t click anything in the past 30 days… maybe they’re unengaged or maybe they just missed the LAST email.

So what do you with those unengaged users to keep a clean email list?

There are a few effective strategies.

Most often, companies will segment out the unengaged subscribers and use a Winback campaign to try to convince them to take a specific action. Often Winback campaigns include a hefty discount or outstanding offer made in a last-ditch attempt to convert the subscriber.

Another strategy is to segment the unengaged visitors and then retarget them using Facebook advertising. With Facebook advertising, you can upload the list of emails of your unengaged visitors, then run ads targeted only to them. While the subscriber may have disengaged with your emails, an ad on Facebook may catch them in a different way than your emails can.

Whether you use a Winback campaign, Facebook retargeting or some combination of both, be sure you’re regularly grooming to keep a clean email list.

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